Dry Cleaning

We use solvents from dry cleaning technology that do not harm people and the environment. Thanks to this innovative method, all your sensitive clothes are cleaned without damage or losing their new form.

Since the laundry does not come into contact with water during dry cleaning, they do not deform and do not lose its colour. Therefore, dry cleaning is the most effective and reliable method of stain removal.

In special dry cleaning machines, the cleaning process takes place with a special solvent. In the system designed to give the newest appearance to the clothes, the appropriate processes are carried out by the experts according to the fabric type, colour, degree of contamination, stains and instructions.


Competitive pricing is another hallmark of our company. We adhere to the principles of transparency and fairness by offering rates that are both competitive and transparent. Our ultimate goal is to deliver unrivalled excellence at an affordable price.


Every customer can count on the experience and professionalism of our team. Our employees are qualified and possess knowledge about various fabric types and laundry techniques. This allows us to guarantee excellent results, regardless of the type of textiles we work with.

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