Linen Washing

Bedding and Tablecloth Laundering: Our company offers a professional service for laundering bedding and tablecloths, ensuring freshness, cleanliness, and the highest quality. We cater to various types of materials to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you have cotton sheets, linen tablecloths, or other fabrics, you can rely on our expert handling. Our experienced staff employs appropriate cleaning techniques to remove stains, dirt, and unpleasant odours effectively. We take care to ensure that your bedding and tablecloths are perfectly clean, fresh, and ready for use. Our laundering processes are tailored to the specific characteristics of different fabrics, guaranteeing optimal results. We also provide the convenient option of recurring pickup and delivery. You can schedule convenient pickup and delivery times, and we will ensure that your bedding and tablecloths are regularly cleaned and ready for use on time. This saves you time and effort, ensuring you always have fresh and clean textiles.


Our machines are a key component of our launderette. We operate advanced MAG washing machines, dryers, presses, and traditional irons. The MAG detergents we use are specifically designed to provide excellent service quality while protecting the environment.


Orders can be placed conveniently through our user-friendly application or by phone, ensuring a quick and straightforward process. Our team ensures timely delivery, allowing you to focus on organizing your event, knowing that you have high-quality textiles on site.

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More Services

Wash & Fold

We offer a comprehensive laundry service for both individuals and businesses (including aprons, workwear). Our aim is to ensure the cleanliness and freshness of your garments, providing maximum comfort for our customers.

Dry Cleaning

We use solvents brought by dry cleaning technology, which do not harm people and the environment. Thanks to this innovative method, all your sensitive clothes are cleaned without any damage and without losing their new form.

Linen Hire

Bedding and Tablecloth Rental: If you require bedding and tablecloths for parties or conferences, we have the perfect solution for you. We offer a tablecloth rental service that will provide an elegant setting for your event.